Working methods to test print an image

Printer test page methods are widely used to check for any kind of existing technical or printing errors with a printer. It helps in maintaining the overall health of the printer intact and lets the users quickly identify and solve ink cartridge related issues with a printer. If at all your printer has been lying still for months and said to be unused, then you must at first follow the print test methods to ensure all the printing actions are said to be in fine working condition. Other than trying out the black and white color printer test methods, you need to initiate a color image test that can let you get to know about possible errors and technical glitches happening to your printer.

Following is a set of issues that can be quickly identified by following print test page methods:

  • Blocked print heads
  • Color replications
  • Alignment issues.

Printer test page through websites

Many different color printer test page are available for free access and can be used to print color image directly to your printer without using a software application. All you need is a computer, printer, and internet connectivity to take forward the upcoming list of steps.

  1. Open a web browser that you have been mostly making use of to access the internet
  2. Ensure the computer system is connected to an active internet connection
  3. Connect the printer wirelessly or using the provided cables with the computer system
  4. Find and visit a trustworthy printer test page type of website.
  5. You will be provided with three different options to take forward the print test
  6. Black and White, Color, CMYK are the options you can find from the test page, from which you need to choose color test page
  7. A new pop-window shall load-up with multiple printing options to choose from.
  8. Layout, pages, color, paper size, quality, scale are some of the basic options that you can choose to change.test print page
  9. You need to manually choose from the drop-down list based upon your printing needs.
  10. Once you have made the printing choices, you need to click on the ‘Print’ button.
  11. The test print image gets automatically printed on the loaded set of papers.

Color test page using Microsoft Windows

If you are not able to connect to an active internet connection, then you can take forward the color printer test page method by using the Microsoft Word application.

  1. Open up Microsoft Word application by typing ‘Word’ within the ‘Start’ menu’s search box
  2. From the loaded blank Word document, initiate printing action by pressing ‘Ctrl’ button and ‘P’ from the connected keyboard
  3. You can also navigate to the printing window through the ‘File’ menu in Word
  4. Select the number of copies, printer name and other details.color test page
  5. Once the relevant options are chosen, you need to click upon the ‘Print’ button.

The number of copies as mentioned in the printing window will get automatically printed one after another. You can instantly check with the color range and the possible printing errors happening to your color printer.

Printer color test graphics test

After printing a color test image, you can witness radial gradients and color intensity graphs printer in various levels. The radial gradient can be used to identify any forms of color replication happening around and help in correcting the print head related errors. The color intensity graph can be vitally used to identify the color ink cartridge levels.test print

After obtaining the printed color image, you must be able to witness immediate issues, like breaks happening to the printed texts, the color difference to the clip art images and much more. Before replacing the ink cartridge, make it a point to clean up the printer and test print page by either visiting test page service providing websites or through Microsoft Word software application.

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