How to print a test page on windows 10?

A print might refuse to print on a piece of paper or cause printing problems for various reasons. It might be happening due to paper jams, low ink levels, outdated drivers or loose cable. If you are not able to find out the exact source that has been causing hindrance to your printer, then multiple physical damages might occur for no reason at all. To determine with the printing capabilities of your printer you need to follow the printer test page method that can let you pin point the exact problems at ease. Also, you can easily fix the printing related problems after running the test page option in your Windows 10 running computer system.

Steps to test print a page using Windows 10

First of all make sure the printer has been turned on and loaded up with required sets of papers to take forward the printing functionality. If any kind of red signal shows up, then you need to fix it up before following the below-mentioned test print page method.

  1. Open up ‘Control Panel’, either by locating it in the ‘Start’ menu or by pressing the ‘Windows’ key and ‘R’ button to load up the Run dialog box and type control panel in them
  2. Once the ‘Control Panel’ window loads up, you need to click upon the option that says ‘View Devices and Printers’ located under the ‘Hardware and Sound’ category
  3. A new window shall open within the Control Panel window showcasing the printers and scanners connected to the Windows 10 computer system.color test page
  4. You need to right-click upon the printer in which you are about to perform printer test page method with
  5. A small list of preferences shall load-up
  6. Make a click upon ‘Printer Properties’ .printer test page
  7. From the loaded properties window, click upon the button that says ‘Print test page

Your printer will automatically recognize the given command and start printing out a test page. If no kind of testing action gets initiated or you are facing error windows, then you need to troubleshoot the printer to retain it to its original printing functionality.

Printer test page troubleshooting methods

If multiple errors or bugs have not been letting you complete the printer test action then follow below-mentioned troubleshooting methods to get rid of the errors at bay.

  • Open up the printer and check for possible paper jams. You need to manually remove any kind of paper or sheets that has got stuck within the printing machine.
  • Check with the overall ink levels of the printer. If at all the printer is low in terms of ink, then it might randomly stop printing. You need to replace the empty cartridge with a new one.
  • Disconnect and re-connect the printer cables. Any kind of loose cable can stop the printer from accepting new printing actions.
  • Try updating the printer drivers by installing the recently released Windows Update. You can also visit by the official service web portal of the printer manufacturer to find and download the latest drivers that can help in getting rid of technical printing issues.

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