How to print a test page on the MAC OS?

A recently taken survey states that people who are new to MAC OS find difficulties in printing a picture or document. This is quite a common problem that any new MacBook or iMac users can experience in the first place. To wisely execute the printer test page, you must be following the right steps. If you are struggling to print a test page, the keep reading to understand the stepwise guide that can let you test print a page at your convenience.

Things to consider before starting to test print a document

Make sure the printer is rightly connected to the iMac or MacBook that you are about to make use to print a test page

  • Ensure the printer has been turned on to execute the printer color test action
  • No type of warning signal must be witnessed after turning on the printer
  • Load up the printer with the much-needed set of papers to start and complete the printing action without facing any kind of performance errors
  • Fix existing hardware issues with the connected printer to seamlessly test print a page any part of the day.

MAC OS printer test page stepwise guide

The below-mentioned stepwise guide can also be followed to print test a page by connecting the MAC OS running computer wirelessly to a printer.

  1. Make a click upon the Apple menu and from the loaded list select ‘System Preferences’.printer test page
  2. A new window shall open up showcasing various system and connectivity related options
  3. From the loaded new window, select the icon that says ‘Printers & Scanners’.test print
  4. Double-click using the connected mouse to open it up
  5. Now, you shall get to see the list of printers that are connected to the MAC OS running computer system
  6. Select the printer that you are about to make use of to carry forward printer color test action.color test page
  7. Click upon the option that says ‘Options and Supplies Tab’
  8. A new pop-up window shall load up with four different tabs, from which you need to navigate towards ‘Utility’ tab
  9. Ensure the printer is loaded up with the desired type of paper to start the test printing command
  10. In default, you can print a test page using A4 size paper
  11. After loading up the paper, click upon the ‘Print Test Page’ option under the ‘Utility’ tab.printer test
  12. Click on the ‘OK’ button to start the test page method in MAC OS running computer system

The printing action shall complete within a second a two and you can check with the quality of the printer by witnessing the printed set of fonts and colors. This way, you can troubleshoot the printer or identify the possible printing errors that can happen with the MAC OS system connected printer and fix them before executing a bulk print. This is the authentic and real day working printer test page method that you can follow any part of the day to test with the printing abilities of the connected color or black and white printer.

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