How to Print a Test Page on HP Printer

Has your HP printer been facing multiple errors while printing a document or picture? Then, you need to follow the printer test page method to understand the possible reasons behind facing random printing errors and fix them at the earliest as possible. Below-mentioned are different methods that you can follow based on your convenience to print test a document or image.

What things the HP printer test page method can tell you?

  • The test page feature can tell many different things related to your HP printer.
  • If the print test action gets completed without facing any kind of error then the printer is said to be functioning normally
  • Valuable information related to the cartridge ink levels of the HP printer can be determined from the printed test page
  • The color test page can be used to determine the type of technical errors the printer has been facing up in the first place.

HP Printer test using software in Windows

Following is a set of guidelines that you need to follow as it is to test print a page in any Windows 7, 8 or 10 running laptop or computer system.

  1. Click upon the ‘Start’ menu button and in the search box type ‘Devices and Printers’
  2. The search results will automatically load up within the ‘Start’ menu itself
  3. Click upon ‘Devices and Printers’ option loaded as a search result under the ‘Control Panel’ section.Printer test page
  4. A window shall open up with every other printer and scanner device connected to your computer or laptop
  5. Make a right-click using the mouse cursor on the exact printer icon
  6. Select ‘Printing Preferences’ from the loaded configuration list
  7. The HP Printer Preferences shall load up
  8. You need to navigate towards the ‘Services’ tab
  9. Make a click upon the drop-down list box under ‘Print Information Pages’ to load a new set of action.color test page
  10. Select ‘Page to Print’ from the drop-down list
  11. After this, click upon the ‘Print’ button that can be found nearby to the ‘Print Information Pages’ list

The printed page will have images and letters printed in both black and white and in different colors. You can easily check with the color intensity levels to identify the ink cartridge levels.

Visiting a trustworthy website to color test a HP printer

There are tons of websites providing printer test page options for HP printer users. Find a trustworthy website by using popular search engines like Bing or Google. You just need an internet connection to initiate the test page action.

  1. After finding a trustworthy source, you will have to click upon the relevant button to start a color or black and white printing test page action.
  2. A new pop-up window shall load-up asking you to choose preferences like page layout, page copy count, paper size, quality, scale and much more.
  3. After making the printing choices as per your need, you need to click upon the ‘Print’ button. This action will immediately let the HP printer recognize and print the number of test pages as per the given command.

HP printer test page method without using Windows 10

To test print page without using any software application or a computer system, you must follow the below-mentioned steps one after another.

  1. Load up the HP printer with a set of A4 sized white paper or any sized plain white paper that you have been frequently making use of print documents and pictures with
  2. After carefully loading up the papers within the input tray, you must turn on the printer
  3. Make sure the printer is connected to a power supply to turn it on
  4. Once the printer has turned on, you need to press and hold upon the ‘Cancel’ button found on the top part of the printing machine and then press the ‘Start copy color’ button.color printer test page
  5. Release both the button to let the HP printer take forward the print test page action.test page
  6. The self-test page shall automatically print with the piled set of white papers

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