Possible printer test page methods to print something from a webpage

At times, you might have to print something that you have read from an internet source or from a saved document. Printing the content saved in a document can be an easy process, yet, to print a web page you might turn confused. Before ending up in such crucial situations, you need to follow the printer test page methods that we are about to list in simple steps. As per your convenience you can follow any one of these printing methods.

Printing a web page

To test print a web page, you need follow any one of these methods as per your printing preferences.

Method 1: Printing web pages as it is

In any given situation, if you are asked or in a need to print a web page, then you can follow these steps.

  1. Connect the printer to your computer or laptop either wirelessly or using provided cable wires to start with the printer test method
  2. Ensure the system is connected to an active internet connection
  3. Open up the web browser and load up the web page link
  4. Once the page has been loaded, you need to navigate through the ‘File’ menu
  5. To do so, you must either click upon the ‘File’ menu option from the loaded web browser’s tool bar
  6. A set of preferences shall load up
  7. Select ‘Print’ from it
  8. A new printing command window will load up, with multiple printer test page option to choose from.test print page
  9. Pick the right printing preferences and then click upon the ‘Print’ button.

Method 2: Printing a selected portion of a web page

Sometimes you might be a in a need to print a particular content or image that you have read through in a web page. In such situations, you need to first load up the web page using a web browser and then follow the upcoming step wise guide as it is.

  1. From the loaded web page window, highlight the content part that you are about to printer color test with
  2. Left-click on the content and drag to highlight
  3. Once you have done highlighting, you need to either initiate the printing command action by pressing ‘Ctrl’ and ‘P’ button or make a right-click and select ‘Print’ from the loaded set of configuration list.color printer test page
  4. Pick the printing options as per your printing need and click upon the ‘Print’ button.

How to color test page using Microsoft Word?

If you are in a need to check with the color ink cartridge levels, then you need to follow the below-mentioned color printer test page method as it is.

  1. Open up Microsoft Word software application
  2. Insert a color filled image or copy and paste it from a trustworthy online source into Microsoft Word
  3. After pasting the image, you can edit and modify its positions as per your need
  4. Initiate printing command by pressing ‘Ctrl’ and ‘P’ button from the keyboard
  5. Select the paper size and the number of color copies that you are about to print through this particular printer test page method.test print page
  6. Once the page gets printed, you can check with the existing problems in the printer, solve it and then starting taking multiple prints at ease.

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