How to print a test page on Computer

Probably you might be familiar in using Windows or MAC OS installed computer system or laptop but when it comes to printing a document or image, you might have to face numerous issues for no reason at all. The actual printer test page method varies based upon the file that you are looking forward to printing along with the operating system that is about to execute them. Following is a set of basic guidelines that you can follow to print a picture, document or another file in both MAC OS and Windows installed computer system.

Steps to execute test print action using Word

Open up the document or image in Microsoft Word software application that you are about to test print in the first place

  1. Click upon the ‘File’ menu and then select ‘Print’ from the loaded list of preferences.printer test page
  2. Select the page size and the number of copies that you are about to attain to check with the printing flow of the connected printer
  3. Under the ‘Printer’ section ensure the exact printer name is showcased.print test page
  4. Click upon the ‘OK’ button to initiate the printing process.

The selected number of copies shall be printed one after another. Now, you can check with the printing abilities of the printer or re-initiate the print test method by using differently sized papers.

Ways to initiate printer test page method from a loaded internet page

If you are making use of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple’s Safari web browser to access the internet then you can any day execute printer color test action by following the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Highlight the particular text areas that you are about to print on the loaded web page using the connected mouse cursor
  2. After making the right selection, press the ‘Ctrl’ button along with the letter ‘P’ from the keyboard to open up the printing window
  3. If you are using MAC OS installed computer system then press ‘Cmd’ button along with the letter ‘P’ to open the printing window.test page
  4. Click upon the ‘Destination’ option to select the connected printer from the drop-down list
  5. Under the ‘Layout’ section select the page printing preference as portrait or landscape as per your convenience
  6. You can also color test page by choosing to print in color or in black and white.color test page
  7. Make sure the needed papers are loaded to carry forward the printer test action
  8. After choosing your printing preferences, click upon the Print button.

The above-mentioned steps can be followed any number of times to print a web page on your computer.

Print a test page without any kind of software Applicationcolor printer test page

It is quite possible to initiate the printer test page method for a document or an image in Windows OS running computers without opening them in a software application like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. To do so, ensure the printer wires are perfectly connected to the computer and the printer is turned on. Get rid of the red-colored or warning signals that might showcase while turning on a printer that has been never used for months. After connecting the printer, find and locate the document or image that you are about to print and then make a right-click upon it. A set of preferences shall load up, from which you need to select ‘Print’. The printer shall automatically recognize the files and start printing them.

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