Possible black and white printer test page methods in Microsoft Word

If you have received or saved a Microsoft Word document that holds onto color texts or graphics and in a need to print them in black and white, then you can do initiate the action by tweaking certain printer properties. Choosing to print your documents in black and white color can end up saving the ink costs and let the cartridge last longer than before. Following is a list of printer test page methods that you need to follow based upon the operating system that you are about to make use of to print black and white copies with.

Microsoft Word print test page method

  1. Open up Microsoft Word application.
  2. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Start’ menu, and typing ‘Word’ within the search box.test print page
  3. The search results shall load up within the ‘Start’ menu itself
  4. Make a click on it to open it up
  5. Once a blank and new word document opens up, you need to click upon the ‘File’ menu that can be found on the top left corner.print test
  6. Click upon ‘Open’ to open up the previously saved Word document
  7. Find and locate the Word File and open it up
  8. Once the desired Word file loads up, again click upon the ‘File’ menu and select ‘Print’ from the listed set of preferences.test page
  9. Navigate and click upon ‘Printer Properties’ icon that can be located below the printer name.color printer test page
  10. Now, you can change test page printing as black and white
  11. The menu shall differ based upon the printer that you are using at the moment, yet, you will be provided with three different options to choose from, namely, gray scale printing, color printing or black and white printing
  12. Ensure the printer is loaded up with blank white papers to print the document in black and white color
  13. Click upon the ‘Print’ button
  14. The printing action shall start and finish automatically.

This printer test page action can be repeated any number of times and can also be used to print color images to black and white.

Microsoft Word print test method for iMac and MacBook

  1. Click upon ‘Microsoft Word’ icon.print test page
  2. A new Word document shall open up
  3. Now, navigate to the File menu using the connected mouse and make a click on it.test page
  4. To open up the previously saved Word file, click upon the ‘Open’ option from the loaded list
  5. You need to manually locate the Word file
  6. Once the file has been found, click upon the ‘Open’ button
  7. Now, again click upon the ‘File’ menu and this time choose ‘Print’ from the loaded preferences list
  8. A new window shall load-up, from which you need to click upon ‘Show Details’ to open up a drop-down list
  9. Under Color Mode section, select ‘Black & White’ from the loaded list to test print page in black and white color.printer test page
  10. Other than choosing the color printing mode, you can also make relevant changes that can meet up with your printing needs
  11. Choose the right set of resolution, color setting, gradation, and image soothing
  12. After changing the color mode to ‘Black & White’, you need to choose color settings as ‘Super Fine’ to let your printer print the document to its highest quality.
  13. Once all the changes have been made, click upon the ‘Print’ button

Your printer will automatically recognize the given printing command and start printing the number of copies that you have chosen in the first place. The above-mentioned method can be used to print documents, image files and charts in black and white color.

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