Smart ways to print an article using printer test page methods

If you are looking forward to saving an article that you have recently read from an internet web page, then you need to do it in the smartest way as possible. Printing the article is the best and the easiest way to get a hard copy of what you just read on the internet. Initiating the printing actions from a web page is quite similar to printing a document or image using software applications. Other than the following the default printer test page method, you need to pick the right type of printing option that can stay convenient for you in many different ways. Following are the two smarter ways that you can follow any day to print an article, without wasting your time by any means.

The age old yet easy to follow test print page method

Upcoming is a set of instructions that you need to follow as it is to print an article or blog post. Make sure the printer has been connected with the computer system or laptop and turned on before following these set of guidelines.

  1. Open up the web browser that you have been extensively using to access the internet
  2. Visit the website that holds onto the article that you have been looking forward to test print with
  3. Once the page gets loaded, you can initiate the printing option in two different methods
  4. The first is to press and hold upon the ‘Ctrl’ button in the keyboard along with letter ‘P’
  5. The second method is to click on the ‘File’ menu and select ‘Print’ from the loaded preferences list.printer test page
  6. Both these printing command shall open up the same type of printing window
  7. You need to manually select upon your printing preferences
  8. Check with the pages, layout, color, paper size, page sheet and much more.test page
  9. After making the right set of choices, click upon the ‘Print’ button

The article will get printed with the header part of the web page along with every other loaded advertisements and images. If you are looking forward to follow a printer test page that lets you print only the needed portions of the loaded article in a web page, then you need to read through the below-mentioned steps.

Article print test method by selecting the needed portions

Open up the web page and ensure the printer is connected and said to be in a working condition. The connected black and white or color printer must never showcase red signals after connecting it to a power source. Once you have confirmed the printer has been turned on, follow these steps.

  1. Make use of the mouse that has been connected to your computer or laptop and highlight the needed portions
  2. Navigate to the exact part of the article that you need to start the test print page action with
  3. Make a left click, hold it and drag it down to highlight the needed text or image portions of the article
  4. The highlighted portions shall get displayed in grey color
  5. The portions that you are about to select by this way shall only be printed
  6. This way, you can avoid printing the unwanted images and other information that usually gets incorporated to a web page
  7. Once the highlighting portion has been done, release the left click from the mouse and make a right click to load up a new set of preferences.color printer test page
  8. Select ‘Print’ and a new printing action window will load up
  9. You can customize the printing options as per your article printing need
  10. After doing so, click upon the ‘Print’ button.

If you are in a need to save a soft copy and print the article that you have just read on the internet, then you must highlight the portions as said before and instead of initiating the printing option, you need to select ‘Copy’ command from the preferences list. The copy command can also be initiated by pressing the ‘Ctrl’ button and ‘C’ from the connected keyboard. Open up Microsoft Word software application and paste the copied article content in it. Press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘P’ button to paste the content. Now, you can customize the article as per your editing need and then take forward the printer test page action. By pasting and printing in ‘Word’ software application, you can save the file and access the soft copy in any part of the future.

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