Check Printing Template PDF Free

Printing a PDF template file can be a difficult process if at all you do not know the possible printer test page options you can follow in the first place. If you have a set of PDF saved templates that can be vitally used to check with the printing abilities of your printer, then follow any one of the below-mentioned test print option based on your convenience.

Print test page using Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is a free software program that can be easily downloaded from the official website of Adobe or from any trustworthy third party resources. Before downloading the latest version of this particular software, make sure your computer system meets up with the mentioned system requirements. After downloading and installing Adobe Reader on your MAC or Windows running computer, follow the below-mentioned steps as it is to initiate and complete the printer test page method.

  1. Use the Adobe Reader program to open up the saved PDF template file
  2. You can either drag and drop the PDF file into the Reader window or click upon the ‘File’ menu and then select ‘Open’ from loaded list of preferences to locate and open the desired PDF file.printer test page
  3. Once the PDF template gets fully loaded, navigate again to ‘File’ menu and select ‘Print’ option or press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘P’ button from your keyboard to initiate the same.test print
  4. If at all the printer has been rightly connected to the computer, you can find it under the ‘Printer’ drop-down list box.test print page
  5. Click upon the ‘Advanced’ button that can be found nearby to the ‘Properties’ button.color test page
  6. From the advanced options, you can choose to print both the front and back cover by making the right selection under the ‘Cover Mode’ tab
  7. If you are looking forward to saving the printer toner, then select the ‘Toner Save’ option under the ‘Quality’ tab.printer test
  8. Once you have selected all the printing option and ready to start the color test page option, you need to select the ‘Print’ button

The PDF document shall be printed as per the made printing preferences within a few seconds. This way, you can test the printing proficiencies of your printer and made relevant changes to the PDF template or the printing option to achieve the much needed type of printed image.

Converting PDF to word type of printer test page method

  1. Open up the Adobe Reader software application
  2. A list of actions you can choose to open the previously saved PDF template file shall load up.test page
  3. Other than choosing to open the file, click upon ‘Convert PDF to Word’ action listed under the ‘Adobe Online Services’
  4. After clicking it, you need to locate the local hard drive that holds onto the PDF file
  5. Once the file opens up, you can instantly convert it to a PDF file without making any changes to them
  6. The conversion time depends upon the total number of pages and the original size of the PDF file
  7. Now, open up the Word file that has the converted PDF templates present in them
  8. Press the ‘Ctrl’ button and letter ‘P’ from the keyboard or navigate to the ‘File’ menu and select ‘Print’
  9. Make sure to select the exact printer from the list to take forward this type of printer color test method.

Once the templates get printed, you can check with its quality, and make reliable changes to the printing options until your desired printing need is achieved.

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