Printer Test Page

Click on any one of these buttons to print a single page to test the print quality levels of your PC or laptop connected printers

Black and White Printer test page
Black and White Printer test page

Easy way to troubleshooting existing problems with your Black & White or Color Printer

Real day benefits of using print test page services

  • Save the time involved in initiating the test print action, irrespective of the Windows or Mac system you are using to troubleshoot the printer with
  • Maintain the printer intact by regularly accessing the test print page option
  • Print par to professionals 
  • Connect any type of inkjet or laser printer, and start testing its printing actions
  • Access the test page any part of the day.

Who should choose Printer Test Page Services?


  • If you are trying to determine the quality levels of printing a page, then performing test print through online services can benefit you more
  • Before starting to print bulk order, sample print test to ensure the desired output can be attained
  • Choose online printer color test services to confidentially print a test paper without letting hackers or malware get access to them in the first place
  • Visiting an offline printing service provider and demanding them to print for testing the overall printing quality shall be a difficult process. Instead, test any number of color or black and white print from your internet and printer connected PC or laptop using online print test services.

Things to consider before choosing an online page test printing service

  • Read through reviews 
  • Understand the functionality of a print test page
  • Acquire recommendations from trustworthy sources.

The unique services offered through Online Printer Test Page option

Enhances The Ink Flow

If your printer has been left unused for months then initiate the ink flow and get rid of possible blockage by printing a test page. Avoid facing major cartridge related problems by regularly using online printer test services.

Identifies possible color replications

The radial gradients that are widely used to print a color page helps in identifying possible color replications with the provided source materials. The color print test page works fine on any brand printers.

Multiple-device compatibility

Whether you are initiating the color printer test page from Windows 8, 7, Vista, 10, Apple’s iMac or MacBook, you get to check with the ink levels and test the printed page quality.


Print test pages are widely used to check numerous things starting from the print quality, enhancing the overall ink flow to troubleshooting any type of possible ink cartridge problems that has been interfering with the printer to perform the printing action. Although you can initiate the print test page option through Window’s Control Panel, certain viruses or malware attacks might hinder the Windows system files from performing the actions. This where the printer test page comes handy and helps in configuring the printing aspects of a page before taking multiple prints of the same. 

The test print page helps in identifying potential problems that have been interfering with your printing needs. The following is a set of problems that can be easily identified out of initiating a test print page option.

  • Blocked print heads
  • Possible alignment issues
  • Resolve color replication.

Make sure the color printer has been connected to the laptop or PC that you are about to make use of to start the printer test. Turn on the color printer and ensure the printer has empty papers stored to print the test page. Click upon the ‘Color Test Page’ button from our home page; select the layout style, either as portrait or landscape, color option, paper size, number of pages, quality, margins, scale and wait for few seconds to check with the color print quality. You can connect any color printer, irrespective of the brand name, and check for possible color errors and prevent it from happening from now onwards.

If your color or black and white printer is not said to be printing the test pages even after properly connecting them with your computer or laptop then follow the upcoming checks.

  • Ensure the ink cartridges have been installed properly in the exact slots. Remove them manually and place them back wisely.
  • Check if the top part of the cartridge is opened to allow airflow and to release the ink flow from happening through the cartridge. In-default the air hole shall be covered to preserve the life quality of the ink. 
  • Restart the computer, remove the cartridges, disconnect the power supply, reconnect them all and try revisiting the printer test page to initiate a new black and white or color print test page.

After printing a test page through our online printer test page, you can easily check for breaks happening to the texts. Taking random print tests can help in cleaning up the print heads. Every other popular printer, namely, Canon, HP, Samsung, Epson, and Kodak does have a certain print head cleaning cycle that can be easily configured by printing a test page. This type of print head cleaning process must be performed once in a month to let the printer stay intact. 

The printer test page buttons are developed in a way to let you customize the page size based upon your printing preferences. You get to select the paper size as A4, Letter, Legal, Envelope, A3, Executive or Tabloid. After making the right choices, insert the paper into the printer and then initiate the test page printing option to check with the printing quality levels.

About Printertestpage allows you to print a page to test the print quality levels of your PC or laptop connected printers in single Click. You can print Colored and Black & White paper from our site.